BALI: This is How to live your fairytale

Bali may seem like a distant and elusive dream for most people, but for us, this dream came true in May 2022. And without even having a wedding beforehand. Now that’s pure happiness.

Scattered among the thousands of islands in Indonesia, Bali is one of the most famous romantic and exotic destinations. At least for Europeans, it ranks among the top honeymoon destinations.

Unfortunately in all these exotic trips, especially in Asia, the major expense is the airfare. One estimates around 700-1000€. We flew for the unrealistic price of 60€/person round trip with Qatar Airways via Doha, taking advantage of an offer two years ago for free airfare for health professionals. That’s also how I went to Vietnam in April 2022 with my mother.

In terms of trip planning, our time was limited due to work, so within a 5-day period, I wanted to see as many sights and attractions as possible. For my boyfriend, it was his first time visiting an Asian country and on one hand it had to be a smooth transition and on the other hand, I wanted him to feel the love and excitement that comes with traveling to Asia. I think we have succeeded. We explored almost the entire island with the help of experienced guides. We tasted traditional cuisine, relaxed, enjoyed unreal landscapes, spent little money (450€ each in total) and fell in love with Bali and a bit more with each other.

Let’s start with some basics

COVID-19- Entry requirements to Bali

First and foremost, before you book anything before you get excited about your upcoming trip, check the official site of the Ministry of Tourism and travel agencies for the terms and conditions of entry to Bali and return to your country. ,

We traveled on 20.5.2022 and it was only a few days after the decision to grant visas on arrival to 48 countries mainly in the EU, a huge relief, believe me. The Pre-departure Visa (B21AA Visit Visa) can cost around 200-300€ because you need a guarantor to complete the application and travel agencies take on this role by charging exorbitant amounts. Also, allow 20-30 days for this Visit Visa to be issued.

In May 2022 citizens from almost all over Europe and USA could visit Bali by paying a visa on arrival (cash or card) 500,000idr = 34$= 33€. Also it was mandatory (although no one checked) to have travel insurance covering Covid and hospitalization costs of a minimum 35,000$. Moreover having already filled out the Electronic Custom Declaration a day or two before traveling, will save you from a long queue and wait. Fill it here

Information about the documentation and the current situation with COVID cases can be found in the daily update in the Facebook group Bali Covid-19 Update.

Currency exchange

I read everywhere that at the airport the currency rate at the exchange offices (which are several and with the same rate) it’s best to avoid because they do not have an advantageous rate. So we just changed 20€ to have some cash with us.

But the truth is that later comparing the €- IDR correspondence we found at the airport with that of the offices in Ubud we discovered that it was the same and sometimes better at the airport. 1€= 14.853 IDR as of 2/8/2022.

Don’t expect to find the exact exchange rate given. However, what really surprised us was on our last night before departing we had to exchange back in euro 90.000 IDR and they gave us the exact amount of euros as converted by the market’s exchange rate.

Moreover what you need to keep in mind:

Exchange money at trusted offices. Check Google reviews. Choose the ones that seem legit. Don’t go into hidden alleys.

– Count the money they give you in front of them. If you leave the desk, they will not admit to any wrongdoing.

No extra fees should apply

Most exchange stores close by 9-10 pm.

Sim Card in Bali

Through the Telkomsel site, I had pre-ordered a Sim Card for 100.00 idr= 6€ for 25GB for 30 days. I would pick it up and pay for it at the Telkomsel booth at the airport. Which was closed or didn’t exist no matter how much we looked and asked. So again, good thing I hadn’t paid for it in advance. As a result on the first night we arrived in downtown Ubud we visited a shop selling mobile phones, mobile accessories, and SIM cards that had good reviews on Google maps. There we bought a prepaid sim card from Telkomsel at a cost of 120,000 IDR for 8GB, lasting 30 days which proved to be more than enough for us even though we were both connected to the internet all day.

Arriving in Bali


Evening in Ubud

From Denpasar airport we were picked up by the driver we had booked through the Klook app for 8.4€ and it took us about 1.5 hours due to traffic to get to the hotel on the outskirts of Ubud. Our hotel was The Forest Batu Kurung Ubud which I recommend. The private villa with a pool was a dream as was the outdoor bathroom. It cost just 145€ for 3 nights via was booked. Just be prepared that obviously when you stay in a villa in the countryside of Bali you will have visits from country animals…

The distance from the hotel to the center of Ubud was a 10-minute drive or 1-hour walk, which we didn’t attempt. We preferred to pay 4€ to the hotel driver to shuttle us back and forth. We also asked taxi drivers in Ubud which are dozens of them but they still offered us much higher prices.


Ubud is located in the hinterland of Bali and has recently become a tourist attraction. It stood out for its authenticity and so visitors who wanted to escape from the beaches and mass tourism hotels of Kuta and Seminyak chose it as a base for exploring the unique hinterland. Of course, from when it was just a beautiful untouched village, Ubud has evolved a lot as a tourist destination too. Souvenir shops, tourist offices, dozens of taxi drivers (aka the taxi mafia), and modern cafes have sprung up everywhere. However, it is definitely worth a visit and stay in the area to experience the temples, waterfalls and other villages in the area.

Split your time between Ubud and some beach and you will remember me.

For our first night in Bali, I made a reservation through the site at Dapur Raja restaurant so we could try the Rijstafffel menu (175.000 IDR) and the Babi Guling menu (90.000 IDR). Unfortunately, when we arrived, we found that the restaurant was closed without prior notice and so we changed our dinner plans to the Warung Biah Biah (warung means restaurant in Indonesian). There we tried several dishes, we were pleased, they were delicious, it looked clean and beautiful and the prices were very good. At the end with 3 courses of food, 2 drinks and 2 desserts we paid 210.000 IDR= 14€.

1st Day



Generally Bali, like any other area, if you want to explore it, you need transport. Buses in Bali are almost non-existent and unreliable for their hours. Even the locals get around on motorbikes, which is why you’ll see thousands of motorbikes on the streets of the island. The best option, both because of bad driving and because of right-hand driving (as in England, Australia and Cyprus) is to find a driver to take you to the places you want to visit. Many, many companies have taken on this role and apart from being a driver, this person is also a tour guide and photographer most of the time.

We had two guides on our trip to Bali from two different companies. I recommend one of them and that is why we chose him for another day beyond what we had originally planned, while the second guide I won’t even mention. So we booked through the guide Nyoman for 10 hours a day and 450,000idr. We set the times and places we wanted to see and Nyoman always took us carefully, made his own suggestions and tried to explain the history and customs we were seeing. Especially if you are Spanish speaking, definitely prefer him, as this is his second language. In English, he struggled a bit but still he was reaching above and beyond to have us happy and content. Contact either the company via the site for a quote (on WhatsApp +6282236087680) or the guide himself on his WhatsApp +628123804406.

Rice Fields in Ubud

Endless rice fields are scattered all over Bali. Even along highways to the North or along narrow pathways in Ubud. Others have a unique view, others have mazes to wander. In others you pay an entrance fee, and others are free to admire. The most famous and instagrammable are Tegalalang Rice Terraces, only half an hour from Ubud. Prepare your camera for the greenest photos you will shoot. Of course keep in mind that not throughout the year the rice fields are green. Between June and September when the rice is ready to be harvested, the fields have a more yellow tint. The entrance fee is 15.000 IDR/ person and it’s recommended to visit early in the morning or late afternoon for the best photo shots and also because it gets extremely hot during the day to wander in the rice fields. Expect to pass around half to an hour here. The place is so picturesque with spectacular views that you would want to take pictures every few steps.

Lotus Ubud Swing

Bali recently and obviously from Instagram has been blooming with swing parks. Huge swings to soar high above the magnificent scenic beauty. If you are a photo addict, this is something you should definitely not miss. Safety-wise, there has been only one accident with a French tourist being killed when she pushed someone who was on the swing. So stay away from the cliff let the personnel do all the pushing and you sit tight and tied on the swing. The first and most popular swing is the original Bali Swing, 20 minutes from Ubud Center. It has dozens of swings, nests and heart-shaped rocks to pose, ladders and waterfalls. However, all this comes with a price, a hefty Bali Swing Package of 35$ and a lot of tourists waiting in line to climb up the swings.

So to spare some dollars and to avoid overcrowded attractions, we chose Lotus Ubud Swing, one recently opened swing park. For 350.000idr= 20$/person you get to try 5 swings and 2 cute nests. Also we had a tea and coffee tasting. We absolutely recommend this place, as we had a lot of fun, even my boyfriend did and I was not expecting it. They made us so many photos, we truly felt as if we were on a honeymoon trip or in America’s Next Top Model.

Pura Tirta Empul Temple

20 minutes later, we arrived at one of the busiest water temples in Bali, the Pura Tirta Empul Temple. This large temple complex has several holy springs and the water there is believed to purify those who bathe. Apart from being extraordinarily beautiful as a temple, the experience to stay under the spout while worshippers gather around to dip their heads under the water is mesmerizing. The entrance fee is 50.000IDR/ person and they provide you also with the sarong which is meant to stay dry. Walk around first exploring and admiring the temple. Then if you plan to do the bathing ritual, pay the extra 10.000IDR for a locker and a new sarong to put over your swimming suit. The temple is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day.

Kedai Bubuh restaurant

On our way heading south back to Ubud, we made a quick stop to grab something to eat and to relax overlooking rice paddies. This is one of the most traditional and authentic meals we had, even the driver was surprised by this choice. The menu is small and everything is so cheap. I think we tried like 4 savory plates and 3 sweet ones and paid in total 61.000IDR. Tried the lak-lak which are Indonesian rice cakes with shredded coconut. Also tried Tipat Base Blayag, rice cake served with urap, boiled egg, and shredded chicken with coconut milk broth. Don’t stick to the names, whatever seems good, smells good from the nearby tables, or clicks in your mind, just order it.

Goa Gajah Temple

This is something I was actually planning to visit the following day, but we had some spare time before heading to our last stop with the driver and it was also one of his suggestions. Goa Gajah Temple or Elephant Cave Temple is situated just 6km from Ubud. The entrance fee is 50.000IDR (as usual) and they provide you with a sarong. Expect to spend around an hour here, entering the Elephant Cave, which is actually an ancient temple where monks used to meditate and live. Open daily from 8 am to 4 pm.

Monkey Forest

Open from 9 am till 5 pm and with an entrance fee of 50.000IDR, you get to take a walk in the jungle and even interact with monkeys in their natural habitat. Almost 600 monkeys live here and they are fully accustomed to human presence. Most of the time they don’t even spare you a glimpse. If you prefer to see them more active, it’s better to come early in the morning when they are still hungry, as our driver commented. They are fed three times per day, mostly with sweet potatoes and bananas. The staff is always there trying to lure them with a snack for you to take the best shot. Not quite fond of that, honestly. Anyway, what you should keep in mind is that monkeys really like anything shiny and sparkly so don’t come heavy in jewelry or with sunglasses on your head, valuables hanging loosely from your hand. Also don’t carry food in your bag because they will smell it and try to steal it and don’t have plastic bottles which are something like a fetish for them to steal and play.

Angel Warung, Ubud

For our dinner, we chose this hidden gem in Ubud. It was peaceful and everything was unexpectedly delicious. Probably I should add that it was more expensive than a traditional warung and the flavors were modernized. We tried the tuna salad, ohor chicken, Cap-cay with prawns and tom yum soup with rice. As you can see they have a combination of Asian signature dishes. Overall we had a delicious dinner and paid 200.000IDR. But if you want something more authentic maybe consider Sugriwa’s Warung, or Warung Mendez.

2nd Day


Campuhan Ridge Walk

You should do your exercise early in the morning, as the experts suggested. So following that we started our 3rd day on this fairytale island with Campuhan Ridge Walk. The walk is rather short (30-40 minutes); don’t be intimidated but it’s best to do it early in the morning before the sun comes high in the sky. There is not much shade nevertheless. Moreover, it’s in your best interest to start your walk from north to south, meaning from the outskirts to the center of Ubud, since the path dips that way. This walkway will take you up and down a ridge to admire rice fields, dense jungle, luxury villas and breathtaking views overall. And it’s for free…

Ubud Center

Engage yourself in the cultural capital of Bali this morning. Explore the temples of Ubud and the beautiful Royal Palace (also free). Pura Taman Saraswati is a hidden temple behind a restaurant. Although you can’t get inside unless you come in the evening for the dance performance, you get to admire the small lake covered in lush lotus blossoms. One of the most recognizable photos of Ubud.

If you get to arrive in Bali after the completion of Ubud Art Market‘s building, you will also have the opportunity for bargaining your way for hundreds of souvenirs, dresses, jewelry, kitchen utensils, etc. In May 2022 the old building had been demolished and the new one was not even on its foundations. Opposite this area is the Royal Palace or Puri Saren Agung , where you can walk around the gardens and enjoy the Balinese ornate architecture. The Royal family still lives in parts of the Palace so it’s forbidden to go inside. After all this walking, sit down for a refreshing cup of coffee at Seniman Coffee Studio before continuing with your day. Besides, it was only 11 am and we had done all this sightseeing. Here they take the coffee seriously and they have a huge range of brews, which they also sell for you to take home. As I am not a coffee lover, I chose to refresh myself with a bubble milk tea from Chatime Ubud.

Suwat Waterfall

Moving on as it gets hotter and hotter, today is all about nature and waterfalls near Ubud. There are many of them but from what I searched and based also on the ideal route, we visited 3 waterfalls; Suwat, Kanto Lampo and Tibumana Waterfalls. In retrospect, I would suggest going to Kanto Lampo and to either Suwat or Tibumana. They are similar, for me, Suwat was more interactive but Tibumana is the most famous one. Also if you have time and want to add a third waterfall, choose between Tukad Cepung Waterfall which is a bit further away and you must visit between 10 am-12 pm to get the best light. Or Goa Giri Campuhan Waterfall.

You should know that its waterfall has an entrance fee, usually around 20.000IDR (1,5€). Suwat Waterfall is not yet well-known. Even for our driver, it was the first time he visited it and was rather curious so he descended the one hundred stairs to the waterfall with us. Here the water is rather not appealing for someone used to the Greek blue sea, since the water was a brownish green color. However the surroundings were magnificent, you were deep in the jungle and the small bamboo paddle board they provided made all the difference.

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Now to a more popular waterfall and a new one also. This one was created recently by a dam in the area and now it provides an extra income to the villagers nearby. The Kanto Lampo Waterfall doesn’t involve strenuous hiking, in about 5 minutes from the parking you descend to this peaceful escape. Here the water cascades through a steep rock formation and if you get to climb these rocks you will have one of the most impressive photos to show when you get home.

Tibumana Waterfall

The once well-hidden waterfall in Bali is now blooming with tourists. It was not that bad in May 2022, but I imagine that once tourism rises again, so will the number of tourists visiting this place. I certainly enjoyed more the scenic walk to the waterfall than the waterfall itself, as I mentioned above was very similar to the first one Suwat Waterfall. The pool of water under the waterfall gives you the opportunity for a cool swim but also here the water was kind of muddy.

Penglipuran Village

This one was actually Nyoman’s suggestion (our driver) and one of the best things we did in Bali. I get so enthusiastic whenever I get to have a glimpse of the everyday life of normal people when abroad. Because it’s absolutely perfect to stay in your private villa with a pool in Bali for a fraction of the price and admire the nature and architecture, but this is not how daily life for local people is. Penglipuran Village is a well-preserved traditional village that found the best way to increase its income. Villagers here let the tourists wander around and enter their home’s gardens for 50.000 IDR. 243 families live and stick to the traditional principles and rules. Each house has its own small temple which stands at the entrance of the garden and each house is connected to the other with small doors always left open. This place truly satisfied my inner curiosity and I definitely recommend doing the extra mile to reach this place.

Gianyar Night Market (Pasar Senggol Gianyar)

Finally, the evening has come and it’s time to eat. In Bali, as it applies to the rest of Asia, when the sun sets, the night markets full of street food appear. Night markets are the place to taste real food. The biggest one and the most authentic is Gianyar’s Night Market, 30 minutes from Ubud Center. Here we tried the ubiquitous roasted suckling pig (Babi Guling) for 35.000 IDR, the Bakso soup with the meatballs for 15.000IDR and a Nasi Campur for 25.000IDR. Having everything served barehanded and with the usual low hygiene standards was a small shock to my boyfriend but nevertheless, he enjoyed the food and it was worth it after all.

3rd Day

tanah lot- canggu beach

Check out from Ubud’s Hotel

Enjoy your last morning in Ubud indulging in the hotel’s extra facilities. Either are you up for a spa treatment or just relax in your private pool. All the previous days we were rushing in the morning to beat the hot sun that we haven’t had time to swim in our little private pool. So on this day after our breakfast,we had an hour or two until we were back again on the road with our driver Nyoman.

Taman Ayun Temple

Today the route will take you from the inner part of Bali to one of the famous beach resorts on the island. You have many choices. Kuta area was one of the first and still the most popular destination among Australian tourists. Seminyak and Canggu are a little bit more sophisticated and Legian stands in the middle between what Seminyak and Kuta offer. We booked through Grandmas Plus Hotel Legian which was a decent and very budget-friendly choice. We paid for 4 nights for only 30€.

Back on the route. 30 minutes from Ubud, you get to have your first sightseeing stop. Taman Ayun Temple is located in Mengwi and as the name translates it really is a “beautiful garden”.This temple is considered one of the most sacred in Bali, a remnant of the one powerful Mengwi Kingdom.

It’s perfectly manicured and what’s really impressive about this temple is how the water mingles with the traditional architecture. The pond at the entrance, the lake near the temple and the canals surrounding the complex are what will blow your mind. The entrance fee is 60.000 IDR.

Good to know! Our driver informed us that these entrance fees go directly to the government and only a small percentage comes back to the community or the temple. It’s actually the locals that take care of the temple and whenever something comes up that should be repaired or fixed; they raise money to pay for it.

Ulun Danu Beratan

This majestic temple is certainly among the highlights Google will display on your search for Bali. Within the highlands of the mountainous Bedugul region, this temple complex is worth the extra miles and serpentines of the road. Also worth (at least for me) the hefty -in comparison to others- entrance fee of 150.000 IDR. Situated on the shores of Lake Beratan, this holy place that you will probably find thriving with tourists, serves as one of the best photo backgrounds. Moreover it’s a well-needed break from all the heat and sweat; here the breeze is welcomed and the atmosphere is cooler.

Tanah Lot

Another hot spot of Bali and certainly a must-do.

I still remember the sound of astonishment my boyfriend made, once we entered the complex and saw the first temple hanging from the cliff. He had no idea what this temple was like. And it truly blew both our minds. This is considered a perfect sunset spot. Imagine hanging from the cliff temple, bitten on the base by the huge waves of the ocean and the dark colors of the sunset sky. With an entrance fee of 120.000 IDR you actually get to see two magnificent temples, Tanah Lot with its small part of land connecting to the mainland during low tide and the north Batu Balong, similarly built on a rock formation with an overpass linking to the mainland.

La Brisa Beach Bar, Canggu Beach

Time to check out the reason Bali became famous in the first place. Sea and surfing. As we both had no experience with the surf and unfortunately, didn’t have the time either to try it on this trip, we chose an atmospheric beach bar at Canggu Beach to watch the idyllic sunset. So I booked through WhatsApp two bean bags by the pool, which come with no minimum spend. My first option was the ocean view bean bags first row with a minimum spend of 300.000 IDR for 2 but in the end, we decided to be more budget-friendly. And we actually didn’t regret it. La Brisa Beach Bar is huge and beautifully built and decorated. The only downsides are the pricey menu and the food lacking originality. The waves were huge that evening and there was actually a red flag prohibiting swimming so we walked by the beach and cooled down in the swimming pool.

Hotel in Legian area

Even though we ate a pizza (yeah, there was nothing Balinese to eat), we still were hungry by the time we checked in at the hotel. So as I was saying above, our hotel Grandmas Plus Hotel Legian was super inexpensive but also nothing special to recommend for. Just left the baggage, paid our driver Nyoman and went straight to eat.

Tip: Keep in mind that there is always so much traffic on Seminyak, Kuta and Legian main roads. Moreover the level of humidity by the sea in Bali is over the top. Up on the mainland, in Ubud it was more durable.

Sate Babi Bawah Pohon

Maybe you have heard about Greek souvlaki. Maybe not, and you are more familiar with the meat sate.

Either way, you need to taste Sate Babi (pork meat in skewers) and even better try it at this famous place in Legian. Famous among locals and tourists who buy dozens of sticks safely wrapped to take back home. We ordered the famous Babi Sate and chicken sate with rice cakes. Definitely the pork was the best. Skip everything else, order only this. Many of these. 10 sticks of Sate Babi cost only 30.000 IDR.

Indoroland Martabak Terang Bulan

Martabak was a culinary revelation for me. You would never imagine that thick pancakes filled with cheese and chocolate could taste so heavenly. I was so filled with all the sate and the hot climate but still could not resist this delicacy, which I ate also as breakfast the next morning. For 50.000IDR do me a favor and give it a try.

Foot Massage at Natural Spa

After so much food, we could certainly not lay down on our bellies and be pushed around. However since we wanted to be pampered, we opted for a foot massage at Natural Spa. It was decent enough, nothing wow and cost 75.000IDR for 1 hour.

4th Day

nusa dua- uluwatu temple- jimbaran beach

Nusa Dua

Good morning! For this day we had booked another driver from, whom I don’t recommend, so I won’t elaborate further. He picked us up from the hotel and we headed to Nusa Dua in the south part of Bali. Unfortunately, that day was raining and pouring and our plan was pretty much destroyed but I will continue writing and suggesting what to do as if the sun is high above the sky and shining.

Nusa Dua is like another world to the real Bali. The truth is many tourists choose to stay here but it’s like staying in a bubble protected and away from authentic Bali. This secluded place is the upscale district of the island and many luxurious hotels are located here. Apart from the hotels, there is the conference center, upscale fashion stores and expensive restaurants. Have a little walk here and visit Nusa Dua’s beach with its crystal clear shallow waters and white sand.

Sundays Beach Club

Go on a beach hopping day choosing between Pantai Gunung Payung which is nearby, Padang Padang beach, Dreamland Beach and the equally impressive beach bars, like Minoo, Palmilla or Sundays Beach Bar. If I were you, I would have gone to Sundays Beach Bar with a day pass of 350.000IDR, from which 250.00 IDR is meant to spend on food and drinks. Check the times of low tides when you can use SUP and kayak for free there.

Uluwatu Temple-Kecak Dance

This spectacular temple is a must-do. The pictures will speak by themselves and persuade you to come. It’s set high at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Here you can admire one of the most nostalgic sunsets and this is why Kecak dance performances at this place are so popular. The popularity is such that you may find it extremely difficult to obtain a ticket. The entrance to the temple cost 50.000 IDR and the ticket to Kecak Dance show is 150.000IDR. You probably should arrive at least an hour before the show or book online with a trustworthy company. We booked through Klook but in the end, we were left with no ticket and got our money back. Better than having to watch the show in the dark after sunset. When there are too many visitors, as was the day we visited, there is more than one show, but it’s the first one at 6 pm that is worth it so that you get to combine it with the sunset.

Tip: Be extra CAREFUL with the monkeys here. They are wilder and more evil than the ones in Ubud. Don’t wear glasses and keep everything tucked safely in your bag. One monkey tried to bite me while pulling at my flips flop which I was wearing and walking. The driver interfered and pushed the monkey away.

Dinner at Jimbaran Beach

A perfectly appropriate and romantic although really touristic way to wrap up this day. After Uluwatu Temple have your driver or your prearranged taxi take you to Jimbaran Beach. Here dozens of seafood restaurants prepare delicious meals for you to enjoy on the beach. Better book your table in advance to get the best spot, up in the front, where you sit on the table and have your feet tucked in the moist sand. We booked at Teba Café and had the set menu for 550.000 IDR/couple, which we recommend. If you don’t speak Indonesia, my advice is to order one of the set menus. If you decide to go with seafood per kilo, 99,9% you will be overcharged.

5th Day

beach day- spa day

Breakfast at Azul Beach Club Bali

The last day has come and for us this was the time to relax and really appreciate this majestic island. Appreciate the sea, the sun, the food and the spa.

We found Azul Beach Club near the hotel at Legian Beach. This impressive bamboo hut serves bowls with coconut milk and fresh local fruits, omelets, pancakes and a more traditional version of Nasi Goreng for breakfast. We filled our stomachs and headed to the beach. Paid 261.00 IDR for 2 coffees, a Nasi Goreng and a healthy fruitybowl.

Padma Beach

We couldn’t walk far away after breakfast and went to Padma beach which is less crowded compared to Kuta beach. If you are a surf lover wait for the high tide and the red flag, but if you are like us and want to play with the waves, just grab a sun lounge to leave your stuff and head to the ocean. Do bargain for the price of sunbeds and after that don’t worry about your stuff because the guy who rents you the sunbeds will also keep an eye on your belongings. Or if you sit down at a beach bar you can give them to the waiter to keep them safe.

Lunch at Bali Timbungan

Last meal at Bali. And that sounds pretty dreadful. Nevertheless, I do wish you to come at last once or twice here because for sure one time is not enough to explore Bali. So for a true Balinese feast, we chose this restaurant and booked a table in advance. Here maybe we would have had the best food in Bali if it weren’t so spicy. It was the spiciest food I have tasted. We should have been extra cautious and not order all three dishes with a red pepper written by their name on the menu. Don’t do our mistake and you will enjoy the dinner, without fuming. 460.000 IDR for 3 main courses and two drinks.

Spa De Nyuh & Beauty Salon Seminyak

You can’t leave Bali without having a proper spa treatment for a fraction of the price. The tradition of holistic wellness is celebrated on this island. One of the best spas in Seminyak (there is also a branch in Kuta) is Spa De Nyuh. You will be lavished in infused oils and massaged till you melt. The services were excellent. You really need to book in advance for this. We chose the set menu of 120min for 270.000 IDR= 17,5 €, where you get to choose between a starter, a main and a dessert treatment.

Just don’t do the mistake as I did after being sunburned and choose the lot stone massage. It’s a no, no.

Sunset at La Plancha Bali

What better way to wrap this trip up than gazing at the sun that sets in the ocean while sipping a mojito at one of La Plancha’s bean bags. The drinks are delightful, the music relaxed and the umbrellas are so cute with all the lights making the scenic magical. Take this last image of Bali, make yourself a promise to come back and go home with the best memories and maybe become a better version of yourself.

Travel is to live, guys!

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