4 Reasons why Kefalonia Island is NOT your Dream Destination

assos village kefalonia

Greek islands are among the dream travel destination of almost all foreigners. But as Greece has 227 islands scattered, not all of them may suit you.

Each and every one is different.

Such a cliché but it’s the truth. What suits you, for me may be the cause to ruin my holidays.

So let’s see what could pose a problem for a traveler on vacation on Kefalonia Island.

1. Big Island, Long Distances

Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian Islands and that also means that distances are long. The public means of transport are practically nonexistent or really not helpful. You definitely need a car.

I would advise against renting a motorbike because as in all Greek islands the road network is not well maintained. The roads can get narrow with blind turns. Kefalonia has lush mountains and rocky cliff-faces. The road from Mirtos beach to Assos village and Fiskardo village offers breathtaking views due to the cliffs you face on your left.

In my itinerary where we managed to cover almost the entire island in 4 days, we had at least 2 hours’ drive each day. Check it here http://travelpaedics.com/spend-4-fascinating-days-in-kefalonia-island-greece/

So keep that in mind if you don’t enjoy having to travel a lot on your vacation.

2. Looking for a Greek foodie destination? Think twice

Ok, this may be a little harsh. If you haven’t traveled before to Greece or tasted Greek cuisine, you will definitely be over the top when trying lamb chops, mousaka, meat pie, stuffed vegetables and local cheese.

However, if you have set your bar high, Kefalonia island is not the place that will bring you tears of joy from tasting the local cuisine.

Do try meat pie, fried haddock and garlic spread, tsigaridia (various wild greens stewed with tomato and onion), feta cheese from Kefalonia and honey.

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  • avythos tavern kefalonia

3. Ready to party? Not here

In a word Kefalonia Island is not a party island. There are a few nightclubs (none during the Covid-19 pandemic) situated in the capital of Argostoli. This tranquil island offers lots of restaurants and the nightlife tends to center on eating out, listening to traditional music and having a beer or a cocktail.

I did spot a few café-bars which had a livelier atmosphere in Argostoli and they were packed with younger customers, like Via Vallianou all-day bar and Baroque le Bistrot.

Nonetheless if you enjoy a good night out on a less hectic level than the party-centric nearby island of Zakynthos, this is your place.

4. Family-focused Island

Well as it is expected, when the nightlife is laid-back, young tourists don’t tend to prefer this island and the families take over.

Families with small children will find calm, shallow and warm waters at Xi, Kaminia, Skala beach with numerous taverns within walking distance. Also for teenagers who enjoy water sports, Antisamos and Makris Gialos beaches are excellent choices. Most hotels are child-friendly and the biggest of them offer facilities such as playgrounds, child swimming pools and water slides.

In total for a family, the expenses will be considerably less for holidays in Kefalonia than any of the Aegean Islands.

Families thumbs up.

Young people looking for a party and socializing thumbs down.

The choice is up to you. I do believe that each place in this world, no matter the size or the popularity has something new to offer you, new memories to stay with you, experiences to try, things to love, and things to hate. Exploring a new place is always so powerful.

Don’t be taken aback by others who didn’t like a destination or by my own list, go and explore it yourself. Maybe this destination won’t be your first or second priority on your bucket list but don’t delete it.

On Kefalonia Island, you will love the exquisite beaches. Mirtos and Antisamos beaches won’t disappoint anyone. You will have this aww-factor when entering the Melissani cave in Sami and you will wander joyfully in pastel-colored villages like Fiskardo and Assos.

Go visit Kefalonia and let me know if this Island was the right one for you….

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